Providing Snowmobile Traction Since 1989.

Since 1989, Bottom Line Traction Products have been developing traction control for the snowmobile industry. Our goal is to provide the best traction products money can buy. We designed a better carbide wearbar for a reasonable price and we didn’t quit until we got it right.

Bottom Line Traction Products kept to a low key for the first few years. The idea was to quietly market our products and prove to our customers that they are the best traction products available. We don’t like to give away our secrets, but we built Bottom Line Traction Products on one simple philosophy; Keep it simple and make it the best.

Today, Bottom Line Traction Products leads the way with new ideas and innovations. We are the only manufacturer to offer 75 degree carbide. We use a flat top on all our high-strength steel wearbars, which prevents bar-roll and keeps the carbide perpendicular to the ground. The 75-degree carbide offers the best between long-lasting wear and aggressive steering control.

Over thast decades, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include studs, hyfax, our own ski design and now snowmobile covers. We are developing other products soon to be released as well.

Bottom Line Traction only sells through select dealers and distributors. Check out the “Where to Buy” link to find out where you can get Bottom Line Traction Products.

Our biggest goal is to provide the snowmobiler with the best value in long-lasting traction control and offer products we are proud to say are from Bottom Line.

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