Snowmobile Covers


Introducing Bottom Line Tractions Full Body Snowmobile Cover.  This is a trailerable cover that wraps around the ski tips to offer protection from road spray and grime helping to preserve your snowmobiles front suspension components.  This cover secures to your snowmobile with six adjustable nylon straps plus an adjustable tension cord that encompasses the bottom of the cover giving it a snug fit. 

Bottom Line’s Full Body cover also has an integrated gas tank access panel.  Simply un-zip the flap to gain access to your sleds gas tank.   This allows easy fill-ups without removing the cover.

Cover material 650 denier polyester and is water and mildew resistant.  Cover is not UV-resistant and will fade over time.

Cover is available in 4 different designs to fit popular models.

SCF-308 All standard chassis Black
SCF-308 All standard chassis Black
SCF-311 All IQ chassis Black
SCF-308 All standard chassis Black
SCF-310 All REV chassis Black
SCF-308 All standard chassis Black
SCF-309 All Apex / Attack Black
SCF-309 All RS Vector Black
SCF-309 All RX-1 Black


Find Bottom Line Snowmobile Covers at your local dealer or select catalog distributors.

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